"Robin Richardson’s poems take no prisoners, have a strange and authentic music all their own, and mark her, with this haunting second book, as one of the best young poets of her generation."
-Thomas Lux

Richardson has a talent for disquieting images that amuse and disturb in equal measure... a precise, pristine poet, Richardson always delights" 
- Jonathan Ball

"What a strange and wonderful world we find in Robin Richardson’s new book of poems! A world alive with danger and truth. A world much like our own though somehow even more real. Richardson is not just a poet with her own exciting Voice but a poet with an enigmatic Vision. How wonderful to get this chance to see what she sees."
-Matthew Dickman

"Galloping ghosts, pooka horses, coin-fed Gods and chocolate models alike pause in the high delight of Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis. Robin Richardson’s amazing second collection zings along with precision turn, heady phrase and tight line. A seducing, inviting collection of poems that simultaneously stands like a gentle breeze and like a bouncer unafraid to put you in a headlock." 
- David McGimpsey

Robin Richardson's Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis opens as though Richardson were the tail gunner in a dive-bombing airplane being chased through the sky.  She is letting it all fly.  These gem like poems are stacked with unthinkably charismatic lines of poetry. Imagine a wood-chipper in reverse, the news, the detritus of the world, all of it spewing at pace towards the mouth of the chipper, these solid oak poems coming out the other end.
- Michael Dennis

Emotive engagement is established by the accretion of sensory details, all attentive to this singular, approachable character. And the end is aurally powerful, capable of stabbing a simple scene in the reader’s psyche in the manner of a Faulkner or O’Connor.
- Catherine Owen

Richardson uses the poetic image like a tourniquet on the eyes while a self-aware wound is inflicted elsewhere in the imagination.
- Margaret Christakos

Robin Richardson’s “Knife Throwing Through Self-hypnosis” was the final book to arrive. This book is explosive in thought. Her mind is truly one of an artist. Each line I read was so creative and perfectly placed within the poem. Robin’s words displayed the same meticulous thought in their arrangement as a chess player would use carefully moving knights and bishops. I was not surprised having read some of her work online and seeing her YouTube clips. She is someone I will read for many years to come. A true artist, fearless with her words of poetry. Check out her work today. 
- Jason E. Hodges   

Robin Richardson’s poetry is sensually morbid and reaches behind the depths of indifference and longing to reveal the tension of human communication as it twists through the corridors of the places we don’t want to look; like what rots in the shadow of a caress and what stains does innocence leave on beauty? She gargles the half empty glass and savours the dregs while others drink the half full glass and chase it with indifference.
- A Voice for Toronto